A live auction market ring is vital for trading

With half the year now behind us, part of the Harrison & Hetherington auctioneer team takes stock of all areas of the business and looks back on how they seized opportunities, overcame challenges. challenges and marketed their livestock and machinery.

LIVESTOCK, Harrison & Hetherington auctioneers are putting dark days of Covid-19 restrictions behind them and welcoming farmers back to their auction markets.

Managing Director Scott Donaldson said that if there is one huge bright spot they can take from the past months, it’s how well their industry has taken on the phenomenal challenge it faces. “Our customers and staff have gone out of their way to make the competitive marketplace of the live auction room work and have proven without a doubt how essential it is to keep the business going.”

He added that livestock values ​​remained extremely encouraging until early summer and that demand for all categories of sheep and cattle had rarely been so strong at this time of year.

n Prime Cattle, Pedigree Sheep and Store Cattle Sale. Grant Anderson said: “The number of cattle in store has been remarkably good at Borderway for the time of year, with only a minor drop in trade in late May as cold weather hampered grass growth and production. value of finished cattle fell. This was short-lived, as the weather improved, cattle prices in stores reached levels well above previous years. The outlook remains positive with sustained demand for finished cattle and an abundance of quality forage in stock and hope that grain and compound feed prices will decline from current levels.

Head counts have been tight throughout the season and, with the exception of the jolt at the end of May, the trade has been fantastic and has exceeded all expectations. As the numbers remain tight and demand continues to be strong in the UK and Europe, the outlook looks very bright for the months ahead.

Throughout the spring and early summer there has been incredible interest in purebred sheep sales with prices and averages exceeding even the most optimistic of valuers. The most recent dispersion of the Beltex herd is a prime example, as a huge crowd gathered to witness a quality sale of breeding sheep and rams at a very early sale.

Another dimension added to our sales program has been the regular online sale of purebred sheep; these sales were immensely popular and very successful with good clearance rates. In addition to catering to our customers in the mainland UK, these sales have given our Irish customers the opportunity to access the mainland market as Brexit export rules are proving difficult to navigate. ”

n Sales of breeding and pig cows. David Holliday said; “Cast Cow’s trade has grown year round, and with 25 active buyers in attendance every week, Borderway has perhaps the largest ring in the country, giving producers the best returns for every class of cow, every week. . As demand increases for all specifications, the outlook appears to remain very positive. ”

“Here at H&H, we have had one of the busiest and most successful spring seasons in beef cattle sales in many years. Attracted by the number and quality of stock on offer across the region, our dispersal and monthly sales across all of our sales centers have attracted buyers from across the UK. Over the past six months, we have also seen substantial growth in farm-to-farm sales of all categories of breeding cattle.

n Sheep farming and lamb storage sectors.

David Fearon said: “Thanks to a very strong trade in pigs and feed sheep, the breeding sheep were very easily sold early in the season. With no slowing demand in the finished product market, buyers of ewes and lambs were well paid. As we start to think about the sales of early breeding sheep, the confidence is high and with a good wind the producers can expect to be rewarded for their efforts this season.

“The in-store lamb trade got off to a very good start, with light lambs being particularly valuable. However, the impact of this may mean that the numbers could turn out to be short, as finite values ​​encourage producers to offer them in the main market. Guard lambs, especially guard lambs, were paid extremely well last year, so confidence will be high which, combined with an abundance of grass keeping, should boost trade. Early sales showed an increase of £ 12 over the year.

n Dairy cattle.

Glyn Lucas said: “Demand for dairy cattle of all categories has remained strong throughout 2021. This trend will continue in the short to medium term as UK milk prices continue to improve. At Borderway, we will have more dairy cattle for sale in the remaining part of 2021 and we are already forecasting significant sales. Our monthly dairy sales held on the first and third Wednesday of the month continue to attract both shippers and buyers from the five source countries, these events now have a reputation with buyers as number one. in the UK for quality.

n Conclude the team overview.

James Little said: “The prime sheep sector has seen an extended period of high prices and Borderway led the way every Monday morning with lamb and sheep values ​​molded to rival any center in the country. .

“Carlisle has everything for customers, from those looking for the best export lambs to light hill lambs and everything in between. ”

“The interest in sales of purebred beef cattle has not waned, every sale made since the start of the year, of every breed, has been a resounding success, with records broken almost every week. The trade in pedigree bulls has been exceptional this spring, with a very strong demand for quality commercial bulls and for pedigree bulls of all breeds proving to be below demand.

“A number of dispersal and production sales, as well as new breed company sales, have been booked for the upcoming season, so the sales schedule for this fall looks very exciting.

“In-store lamb sales start up again in Lazonby on August 5th and before we know it we’ll be looking forward to one of the highlights of the farm sheep sales calendar, the ‘Alston Moor’ lamb sale. gimmer mule from the north of England, which takes place this year on Wednesday 29 September.

Scott Donaldson concluded: “I hope the toughest times are now behind us, and as the market cafes reopen and the buzz starts to return, we look forward to the busy sales rings and that electric atmosphere on. which we thrive on for our commercial and pedigree fall sales.

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