Bid on lost items at the Harry Reid International Airport online auction

Will you place a bid?

Harry Reid Las Vegas International Airport seen more than 40 million passengers walk its halls last year, according to an article in the Las Vegas Review-Journal. This makes our airport a mecca for lost items that were probably left behind in a travel-related rush (or just hangover victims).

From an array of forgotten electronics like tablets, cameras and phones to plastic bags full of jewelry, the airport is a foster home for many orphan objects.

There are so many unclaimed and lost trinkets that an online auction has been set up to sell these items.

Departure May 9 for May 13locals can place bids on unclaimed items that have been left at the airport.

Think of it as an online scavenger hunt that could potentially rake in some incredible and valuable items with the right bid, of course.

This auction is online only and hosted by TNT Auctions Inc. All items will be sold as is, without warranty or guarantee, according to the auction website. On top of that, these auction items are for pickup only! This means you have to pick up the items as they will not be shipped.

Here are some things to know before placing a bid:

  • No online credit card payments will be accepted. You will pay for the item in person, by card or cash, once you have collected it
  • You must present a valid photo ID if paying for the item by card
  • If you have a winning bid, you will receive a confirmation email with your invoice and pickup information
  • Deposits are required to bid
  • Payment and pick-up location is 4530 Alto Ave, Las Vegas NV 89115
  • If you have a winning bid, you must pick up item by Wednesday, May 18 at 4 p.m. Remaining items will be disposed of at seller’s discretion

The last day to bid will be May 13 at 9 a.m. For more information on this airport auction, click HERE.

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