Buy real props from the world’s greatest films at this online auction


We all have this movie that played a huge role in our lives, but some of us are diehard fans who feel like having a DVD copy of our favorite movie just isn’t enough. For those who want to feel a little closer to their number one, memories are the answer – second better than being on set, but how the hell can you get your hands on some? Well, the auctions of course – and if you’ve got a few bucks to spend, there’s one you can’t miss!

In two weeks, The Prop Store, a highly respected destination for movie memorabilia in London, will have its biggest sale of the year – giving people like us access to some of the most iconic costumes, props and sets in the world. modern history.

This LIVE virtual auction is open and accessible to anyone around the world who loves iconic films like Starwars, Ghostbuster’s, Back To The Future, Cast Away, and Gladiator (to name a few).

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All 1,100 lots are one of a kind, actually used by the actors in any of the 450 featured movies and TV shows, and won’t be cheap – but definitely worth checking out anyway, if only for window shopping.

From Val Kilmer’s Batsuit to THE Wilson Volleyball, this event will honestly be every movie buff’s dream – assuming they have the cash (as we can’t imagine it will be cheap).

The official catalog for all auction items will be released on October 12, and the sale will go live on November 9. If you are interested you can register on their site here!

Have fun and happy shopping, Canada!


When: Tuesday November 9 to 11
Or: In line here
Time: 9 p.m. MST


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