Cel-Ga.com Announces Anime Convention Substitute In Live Online Auction


LONDON, 23 june 2020 / PRNewswire / – The anime is one of from Japan the fastest growing exports to the West and with the recent cancellations of most annual conventions, anime fans at Cel-Ga.com have been looking for a replacement. They are pleased to announce Cel Auction: a live online auction to be held on July 4th of 14:00 BST and a chance to enjoy and own the story of the anime.

The auction will focus on genuine vintage production cells. Until 2002, animated series and films were produced using animated celluloids, more commonly known as cels: transparent sheets on which scenes were painted, similar to images from an action movie in direct. Classics such as Ghost in the shell and My neighbor Totoro were all created with this method.

Anime’s early history with the West was quite different from the environment that exists in the present. Early adaptations were heavily edited for foreign audiences to the point that viewers may not have been privy to Japanese origins. Participants can recognize series and characters that they previously ignored as cartoons.

The growth of Anime in the West occurred at the same time as the withdrawal from production of cel. Thanks to Cartoon Network’s Toonami in the United States and the Oscar-winning animated film from Studio Ghibli Abducted as if by magic, a new generation of anime fans in the West was born in the 2000s. Cel-Ga.com is certain that Cel Auction will be an interesting opportunity for people who only know more recent anime.

This growth has only accelerated significantly in the last decade, with big names in the industry like Amazon launching their own animation studios to produce, translate and license cartoons. Earlier this year, Netflix allowed Studio Ghibli movies to be streamed in the UK, making it easier to access Miyazaki’s masterpieces. Cel-Ga.com is pleased to announce that it will be offering a selection of authentic Studio Ghibli cels for auction.

Cel-Ga.com is a London-based gallery that has established itself as a platform through which anime fans can find collections of authentic and unique Japanese cels and posters to decorate their personal spaces. Cel Auction will take place on July 4th of 14:00 BST on Invaluable, Easy Live Auction or Live Auctioneers and presents 191 vintage cellulos from favorites such as Studio Ghibli, Dragon ball and sailor moon.

Founder E. Wertheim said: “We believe Cel Auction will be an opportunity for anime fans to come together and enjoy an online gallery showcasing the best of anime history and magic. in the comfort and safety of their own homes. “

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