Celebrate 18 years of the Iskashitaa Refugee Network with a silent auction

August 18, 2021 begins our celebration of Iskashitaa’s 18th birthday

18 Years of No Fruit Left Behind – The Story

“In the early 2000s, Dr. Barbara Eiswerth, PhD., Executive Director of the Iskashitaa Refugee Network, was completing studies in Malawi, Africa and traveling between Malawi and Tucson. Her culture shock didn’t happen. in Africa, but upon returning to Tucson, seeing all the citrus food waste in her garden, she then began working with a youth project to map, locate, and find food resources in the Jefferson Park neighborhood. 4 months teaching in the neighborhood, she had that life-changing “Aha moment” when she delivered a case of grapefruit to the Casa Maria Soup Kitchen. When she pulled into the parking lot, she was horrified: to see everyone in need of food and not have a grapefruit for everyone.” How can it be? We are not in Malawi! she said to herself “I could be the change!“. From this point on, Dr. Eiswerth continued the work she had begun in finding, locating and harvesting food resources, expanding it to include helping refugees from the United Nations, from more than 30 countries, to integrate into our community, into our “village”.

Featuring crafts from refugee artisans, fun experiences, collectible wine and more.

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