Celebrate with Artblog! Announcing our 2021 silent auction and happy 18th anniversary

Celebrate with Artblog! Announcing our 2021 silent auction and happy 18th anniversary

As we close our 18th year and enter our 19th year, we would love to celebrate with you at our auction and birthday party. Support artists and support Artblog by buying art, online, October 23-28 on Better World !!!

Roberto Lugo, “Teapot Gun: Mae Jemison and Dorothy Pitman Hughes”. Enamelled stoneware, slip, steel, epoxy, enamel. 8.5 “x 6” x 7 “. Featured in Artblog’s 2021 auction

Artblog auction and birthday party in 2021!

Online auctions at BetterWorld *
From Saturday October 23 at 8:00 a.m. to Thursday October 28 at 8:00 p.m.
Anniversary celebration Thursday, October 28, 7-8 p.m. – Online at Zoom

Hi friends! This is our second auction of the pandemic year! We are running the Artblog auction and birthday celebration online for security reasons and also to make the auction and party as accessible as possible. This year the auction site is at Better World, and you do not need to register to participate. Our auction is public and available now, but come back on October 23 at 8:00 a.m. when the auction will be LIVE with even more artwork! Discover breathtaking art from excellent contemporary Philadelphia artists like Roberto Lugo, Annette Monnier, Mikel Elam, Rebecca Rutstein and Bryan Warner! You can find the list as of today (and it continues to grow!) Below, along with information on our anniversary celebration.

You don’t need a sales pitch from us! You know the art of Philadelphia is great and you want to support the artists. Artblog also wants to support artists and we are offering 25% of the sale price to the artist as a sign of respect for their importance to you, to us and to Philadelphia. We hope to see you soon, at Artblog auction in 2021!

Featured artists 2021

Acori Honzo, Adam Lovitz, Annette Monnier, Bryan Warner, Candace Karch, Cindy Stockton Moore, Evvy Edinberg, Jeffrey Stockbridge, Henry Bermudez, Kay Healy, Kees Holterman, Keyonna Butler, Kristen Neville Taylor, Lauren Whearty, Laurence Salzmann, Maria Dumlao, Marilyn Holsing, Marta Sanchez, Matt Tomezsko, Meghan O’Neill, Michelle Marcuse, Mikel Elam, Miriam Singer, Oli Knowles, Rebecca Rutstein, Roberta and Libby, Roberto Lugo, Rosa Leff, Sarah Gamble, Terri Saulin, Tim McFarlane, and more (incomplete list)

Blue paper art piece depicting a corner of town, with a large restaurant sign that says "chop suey hanged farlow," on an orange and yellow watercolor background.
Rosa Leff, “Low. ” Paper. 16 × 20 ″ (scaled to 18 × 22 ″). Featured in Artblog’s 2021 auction

2021 Featured Merchandise and Local Experiences

Also this year we are offering tours and jewelry!

Vintage art objects at affordable prices

For the first time this year, we have a special auction section featuring vintage artwork (most framed and all in pristine condition!) From the collection of Philadelphia art lover and lawyer Marjorie Stern Jacobs. This large collection includes works by international favorites like Jovan Obican and Jean-Pierre Weill, as well as works by local artists Ron Dembosky, Pamela Sinkler and two magnificent pieces of embroidered folk art (artists unknown).

Artwork in blue fabric embroidered with many animals surrounding a stream, some drinking and others resting on a nearby hill or mountain.
“Folk art Wall Hanging” by a folk artist (unknown, possibly Hmong). Hand embroidered on dark blue canvas. Ankle sleeve on the back for hanging. Not framed. Good condition. 31 ″ (w) x 33 1/4 ″ (h). Featured in Artblog’s 2021 auction

Auction closing night Thursday, October 28, 7 p.m. – 8 p.m., Zoom

Make sure to meet us for our Zoom Auction Closing Night on Thursday, October 28, 7-8pm! In addition to celebrating Artblog’s 18th anniversary, we’ll be featuring ‘flash studio tours’ by selected auction artists, and a stripped-down, never-before-seen ensemble from indie band Phillyn Queen of Jeans. Wear your best loungewear and bring popcorn, drinks and a good mood to share our 18th anniversary with us! Help us support Artblog as we enter our 19th year in 2022!
Smiles are mandatory. No masks.

2021 Auction Sponsors

We are grateful to our sponsors, who provide the necessary funds to help us organize the auction and the party! Help us thank them by checking out their websites and sponsoring their services!

The Artblog auction in 2021 is sponsored by Griffith Insurance Agency, Jeff “City” Block, The City Block Team, Jeremy Frank & Associates, Philadelphia Independents and Steve Kimbrough

Final note for you!

Friends, in case you missed it, we have a Pop-Up Shop! We suggest you whet your appetite for the auction by viewing our locally printed and highly affordable blank books, t-shirts, stickers and more!

*BetterWorld automatically attaches 2 additional fees to each transaction, which you can opt out of. To turn off credit card charges, which is fine, and Artblog will pay them, deselect the button next to “I want to cover the credit card transaction fee of $ –. “The second fee is the Better World fee – which is not charged to you, and the money does NOT come to Artblog but goes to Better World to support them. You will find these fees labeled: ‘fundraising fee for this organization “Under these fees,” click the “?” A paragraph of text explains that the fees cover the costs of Better World. You can certainly support them in what they do! But if you choose not to, read the last sentence of the paragraph and click the hyperlink at the end of the text that says “… please click here” and a window opens where you can unsubscribe from charges.

Painting of a group of rhombuses in the center of a swirling night sky, above the silhouette of a line of forest trees.
Sarah Gamble, “Untitled”. Print on paper, unframed. 18 “x15”. Featured in Artblog’s 2021 auction

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