Countdown in Times Square to the live auction of Barca’s first-ever NFT on July 29 at Sotheby’s New York

The auction for the Club’s first-ever NFT, the digital artwork Somehow immortal, starring Johan Cruyff, will take place on July 29 at Sotheby’s auction house in New York. The countdown was celebrated in the mythical Times Square through two 3D advertisements, watched live by President Joan Laporta, Vice President Rafa Yuste, Jordi Cruyff and his son Julen Cruyff and first team players Sergio Busquets and Pedri, as well as Eric Sas and Alan Company, founders of BCN Visuals. The Nasdaq screen, the most Instagrammed corner in the world, and the 221 Clear Channel screen lit up to announce the prestigious auction house’s live auction at 2 p.m. ET.

Bid for Somehow immortal began online from Thursday July 21 and will conclude tonight at a live auction, at Sotheby’s, when the successful bidder is confirmed. The NFT recreates the mythical moment at FC Barcelona’s stadium on December 22, 1973, when Johan Cruyff was suspended in the air in front of Atlético Madrid goalkeeper Miguel Reina before scoring an impossible goal that has gone down in football folklore at Barça and in the world. .

Excitement rises in the heart of New York

The two screens in Times Square played an audio-visual piece which generated much excitement among the public walking along Broadway. It was referencing the live auction, displaying the message “In a way, immortal”. New York Live Auction,” alongside the Club badge, auction date and famous auction house logo. A golden statue of Johan Cruyff appeared inside a golden soccer ball that was bouncing to the beat of the music, with the Camp Nou stadium in the background, before the advert ended by also showing nft.fcbarcelona.comthe microsite containing all the NFT information, plus a countdown to today’s live auction plus a link to follow it live.

The ad has been streaming on the Nasdaq screen since Monday, July 25 and will be repeated 334 times a day through Saturday, July 30, including a special viewing on Thursday, July 28 for one hour between 6:30 p.m. and 7:30 p.m. (ET) on the 221 Clear Channel Screen.

The very first NFT of the Club

The high quality piece, titled Somehow immortal and inspired by a quote from Johan Cruyff, was produced by the Club in collaboration with BCN visuals, a strategic innovation partner, and Digital Superstudio, which developed the cinematic aesthetic of the NFT. The buyer of this unique work of art will also benefit from a number of benefits and experiences based on the VIP club and will be named Barça’s digital ambassador. The project was made possible thanks to the participation of The world of Johan Cruyff.

100% Barça experiences for the NFT boss

As well as being the sole owner of the NFT, Barca’s digital ambassador will be able to enjoy a number of ‘cashless’ experiences. FC Barcelona will integrate into the NFT smart contract a set of utilities such as Meet & Greets, visits to La Masia, hospitality rights (for a minimum of five years), the right to play at Spotify Camp Nou and an official handover of the ball before a friendly match, among other benefits.

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