EVENT: A TV star will host a live auction at a vegan cafe

How much are we bidding for a night out with a difference in the west end?

TV presenter and auctioneer Natasha Raskin Sharp has high hopes.

The Bargain Hunt and Antiques Road Trip star is hosting a live auction next week.

The party takes place at the Serenity Now vegan cafe on Great Western Road.

Going under the hammer are paintings by talented Glasgow artist Kirsty Lackie who have a connection to another West End location.

His “Picnic” mural takes pride of place in the popular restaurant Partick Zique’s on Hyndland Street.

A study for this work is among 23 paintings sold overnight.

Everyone is welcome to view the lots, bid and attend the auction.

‘Have a good evening’

The event is Natasha’s third online sale since she launched her exhibition auction platform earlier this year.

“It’s going to be a great night – and something I’ve never done before.

TV presenter and auctioneer Natasha Raskin Sharp. Photo: Exhibition Auctions

“The idea when we started Exhibit Auctions was to broadcast the auction live from the artists’ studios.

“But Kirsty’s studio was so small we had to find another location and the Serenity Now cafe was ideal.

“I don’t think it’s something they’ve done before.”

A graduate of the Glasgow School of Art, Kirsty has exhibited across the UK.

She was shortlisted for the prestigious GSA Newbery Medal and received the Cromarty Arts Trust Student Residency Prize in 2018.

She says of her work: “My art is to tell stories.

“I’m interested in blurring the line between illustration and fine art where I enjoy testing perceptions of reality and fantasy.

“I am inspired by poetry, cinema and human encounters to analyze everyday life and try to combine a sense of performance often with surreal interactions.”

Kirsty Lackie with her study of ‘Picnic’, the work commissioned for Zique’s in Partick. Photo: Exhibition Auctions

Natasha said of Kirsty’s art, “I really like her work which I think is something quite distinctive and quite different.

“I like the way she handles the medium of oil pastels and acrylic on paper and on panels. She is an exciting and wonderful talent.

“Receiving this commission from Zique during lockdown was a big deal.

“And I know there was a lot of interest in this painting before the sale.”

“It’s going to be a great night – and something I’ve never done before”

Natasha Raskin Sharp

Natasha is a familiar face on BBC daytime television, as a host and contributor to a number of popular antique shows.

She also presents a regular music slot on BBC Radio Scotland.

She brings her presentation skills to her live auctions which are streamed over the internet to bidders around the world.

Her first auction this year was for her father, world-renowned artist Philip Raskin.

Lot 4 ‘Swirly-Burly-Swirly-Girly-Swirly-Hurly Splat’. Kirsty Lackie.
Lot 20. ‘No Waving But Drowning’ – Kirsty Lackie

Natasha said, “We are really looking forward to the night.

“I will have with me my special portable auctioneer’s stand which I have installed behind the bar.

“It’s going to be a lot of fun.

“Anyone can come and see Kirsty’s oil pastel and acrylic works up close before the auction begins.

“There will be a glass of wine waiting for those who do.”

  • Kirsty Lackie’s auction will be streamed live online from Glasgow’s Serenity Now on Thursday October 21 at 7pm. All 23 of Kirsty’s paintings will be on view on auction day from 5pm, including her study of ‘Picnic’ which was commissioned for Zique’s. You can read more about the artist and find a link to the full catalog here: https://www.exhibitauctions.co.uk/artist/featured-artist/

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