Hiatus Ranch hosts first silent auction

SHOSHONE – Hiatus Ranch will be a place where veterans can seek mental, physical and emotional care. Owner Joshua Burnside, himself a combat veteran, believes the great outdoors and the ability to care for his vast majority of animals is a great way to heal veterans.

However, before this rehabilitation program becomes a reality, there is still a lot of work to be done. To help try to raise much-needed funds, Burnside decided to host the Ranch’s very first silent auction.

After several months of planning and donations from individuals and organizations, the auction is off to a good start. “Probably 60% of the products we have there are from other veterans and small businesses who have donated their items so that we can fundraise,” Burnside said.

Many products were donated, such as photos, picture frames, jewelry, clothing and even flags. Once the auction is over, all proceeds will be donated to the ranch to help fulfill Josh’s dream of providing this unique space.

Burnside said, “We still have to buy the horses and some of the cattle. We are now working on the interior fencing of the property and repairing a few other buildings. “

Progress has already been made, a new barn has been built and some veterans housing is ready. However, money is still needed for the ranch’s first year operating budget, which is $ 275,000. This money will be used to help try to get the veterans to the ranch, provide them with meals, full time staff, electricity and also equipment to care for the animals.

The auction is open to everyone and can be accessed through the Hiatus Ranch website. Donations are also always accepted for items for auction. For anyone interested in contributing products, they should just reach out.

“They can contact us through a phone number, an email or a social networking site. We’re available on all of these platforms, whatever works for someone else, ”Burnside said.

Amy Boyer met Burnside when she had to give her dog away and Burnside gladly accepted the dog as hers. She is thrilled that she had the opportunity to donate to the auction and is always motivated to help Josh in the future.

“Whether it was us helping him achieve his goals or just putting him in touch with others who might be able to provide services or do things that would be of use to the cause,” said Boyer.

As Hiatus Ranch nears its fall launch date, Burnside and his team are hoping there will be more support.

Ranch board member Bonnie Mcbride may be just as excited about this project as Josh is, especially when it comes to their story. Mcbride worked with a group in the Wood River Valley who helped treat veterans and Josh was among his first group and helped teach him to ride a horse.

“It will let people know that we are here, that we are starting and that there is going to be a program. It’s not just a pipe dream and I hope they will see us start and continue to donate, ”said Mcbride.

The auction will run until Monday March 15.

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