Hurley in the Morning Charity Gala and Silent Auction Raise $ 75,000


October 4, 2021

ATLANTIC CITY – The 12th Annual Hurley in the Morning Charity Gala and Silent Auction have been starred and set records in the past Friday night at the Resorts Casino Hotel in Atlantic City.

The guest of honor and keynote speaker was Tom Cantone, president of sports and entertainment for Mohegan Gaming Entertainment, along with special guest stars Tony Orlando and Gianni Russo.

The charity event raised over $ 75,000 and continues to grow.

This event has been postponed three times and delayed for a year and a half due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Our last charity dinner (with Todd Starnes) took place on April 12, 2019 (2.5 years ago) and raised $ 50,000.

“It was like a dream come true,” said Harry Hurley, founder and president of the event, “we gathered 215 wonderful and generous friends and celebrated the remarkable life and career of Tom Cantone. It was an evening magical.”

With Mark & ​​Susan Giannantonio (photo Hurley)

“Resorts was honored to host the Harry Hurley Charity Gala,” said Mark Giannantonio, President and CEO of Resorts Casino Hotel.

“After a long delay due to COVID, the event was a spectacular success. The winner and guest speaker for the evening, Tom Cantone, along with celebrities Tony Orlando and Gianni Russo, made the evening unforgettable.

“I was delighted to see my friend Tom recognized at tonight’s event. Tom is a living legend in the entertainment world and one of the nicest guys you will ever meet, ”said Giannantonio.

“You could feel the love and the energy the minute I walked into the room,” Cantone said,

“Harry has built an annual event that has reached thousands of people who not only contribute but benefit from it.”

“I have been honored to play a small role in helping to raise and break a record amount of money thanks in part to my friends Tony Orlando and Gianni Russo. It will forever be a highlight of my career and my life. . Thank you, Harry and Mark Giannantonio. The FFL (Friends for Life) club, “said Cantone.

Cantone and Tony Orlando family (photo by Don P. Hurley)

The 13th Annual Hurley in the Morning Charity Dinner and Silent Auction is already scheduled for Friday October 7, 2022, at the Resorts Casino hotel.

Special event notes: Tony Orlando sang his iconic “Tie A Yellow Ribbon” while walking in The Ocean Ballroom. The crowd went wild.

Tony Orlando (photo by Don P. Hurley)

In a live auction full of energy and action, Gianni Russo raised $ 16,000 (for our charity). The three winning bidders won limousine transportation, courtesy of the Resorts Casino Hotel, and the chance to visit Russo’s house, bequeathed by gangster Frank Costello. Russo will prepare dinner for 24 guests, in groups of 8, during which Russo will feast on The Godfather movies.

Gianni Russo (photo by Don P. Hurley)

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