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It’s simple, we want to empower children, young people and adults living with physical and/or cognitive disabilities. The program teaches athletes living with a disability the basic skills inherent in baseball, including: teamwork, communication, determination, resilience, inclusion, support and courage. Challenger Baseball ensures that every athlete has the opportunity to play in a fun and safe environment where they learn to become more independent, gain confidence, improve their communication skills, and set and achieve their own personal goals. We need your generous support to make this happen. 100% of profits stay in British Columbia and Alberta, with the majority of funds supporting the Challenger Baseball program. In the past, we also supported other major charities.

Since 2003, with your continued support, we have been able to help children, youth and adults with cognitive and/or physical disabilities play ball in British Columbia, and now also in Alberta with additional golf tournaments in Edmonton and Calgary. Our goal is to continue to provide financial support to the BC and Alberta Challenger Baseball Leagues to get children, youth and adults playing ball on the fields. Please join us for the Rogers Jays Care Challenger Celebrity Golf Classic 2022. This is the largest annual fundraiser for Challenger Baseball in British Columbia and Alberta.

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