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An important lesson the international art world has learned during the COVID-19 pandemic is that the future of art is the emergence of the physical and digital spheres.

The popularity of art during the pandemic has increased and the development of online auction platforms by auction houses has had an immediate impact – recent results from local and international art auctions have proven that the art collection is always a refuge in times of crisis.

A little over 20 years ago, auctioneers Larasati held their first auction in Jakarta, and the reputation of the regional auction house has improved for auctioning rare Indonesian art. and emerging.

Larasati continues to provide opportunities to the Indonesian, Balinese and Southeast Asian art markets with their digital platforms, being the first in Indonesia to adopt online auctioning.

Larasati’s next sale, Traditional, modern and contemporary art, a live art auction to be held in Jakarta on July 25 at 2:30 p.m., is available for inspection – the preview online virtual exhibition opens July 16-25.

The sale of 28 lots is an international affair, with artists coming from all over Indonesia, Singapore, France, Italy, the Netherlands and the United States.

The available works will suit the tastes and budgets of beginner, intermediate and advanced collectors. At the same time, the mediums and variety of art include works in Conté pencils on paper, pencil sketches on paper, etchings, lithographs, pastels on paper, gouaches on paper, mixed media paintings on paper, acrylic and oil paints on canvas and two earthenware creations.

Some of the noted artists included are the Dutch Willem Gerard Hofker (1902-1981) and Rudolf Bonnet (1895-1978); the Italian Emilio Ambron (1905-1996); the French artist Léa Lafugie (1890-1972); Singaporean Teng Nee Cheong (1951-2003); the modern Balinese maestro Nyoman (1944-2017); and other Indonesians Basuki Abdullah (1915-1993), Fadjar Sidik (1930-2004) and Dede Eri Supria (born 1956).

The passing of I Wayan Bendi on July 15 of this year (1950-2020) is a huge loss for the Balinese artistic community. Coming from an important lineage of the famous Batuan school of painting, his father Wayan Taweng (1922-2004) learned directly from one of the innovators of original Balinese art, Nyoman Ngendon (1906-1946).

Lot 816 Barong Poutih, acrylic on canvas, 82 by 130 cm, is an example of the second signature style of the Batuan school, the miniaturist school of the 1970s, in which Bendi excelled. The artwork has an estimated value of between Rp 22 million (US $ 1,487) to Rp 28 million and comes with a certificate of authenticity from the artist.

For new buyers wishing to start a collection, the following books are recommended: Lot 806 Balinese djanger, 1941 is a superb and rare 30 cm by 23 cm lithograph published in the United States in 1941 by the American artist Al Hirschfeld (1903-2003) valued at Rp 8-11 million. Dutch artists Auke Sonnega (1910-1963) are rarely marketed. Lot 802 TNI soldier, 1950 is a 40 x 29 cm Tale study on paper of an Indonesian soldier estimated to cost between Rp 7-10 million. The work is included in ‘Auke Sonnega – Artist of the Enchanting Tropics’, by Didier Hamel, Hexart Publishing, Jakarta, October 2011.

Intermediate collectors take note of the following works: Lot 821 Three dancers, 1998, a vibrant 145 by 145 cm oil on canvas by Nyoman Gunarsa (1944-2017) which has an estimated value between Rp 80-100 million, and Lot 822 a magnificent mixed media on paper, pasted on board, depicting the sky reflected in the flooded rice fields, Balinese rice fields in Sanur, 1983 by Arie Smit comes with an estimated price of Rp 35-45 million.

Two rare pieces available at this sale are by I Gusti Made Mangku Baret (1920-2012), the younger brother of I Gusti Ketut Kobot (1917-1999), the flagship painter of the Pengosekan school, a branch of the famous school from Ubud. Paint. Lot 813 & 814, both titled Bali Offer, are acrylic works on canvas measuring 67 x 51 cm, one painted in 1985 and the other in 1984 with estimated values ​​between Rp 12 and 15 million. A first oil painting of a Balinese priest praying by Indonesian artists Huang Fong (b.1936), Lot 820, Pemangku Sedang Mebakti 1977, has an estimated price of Rp 8-11 million. If purchased within estimated prices, all of these works provide excellent purchase value.

Connoisseurs will prefer the following works, Lot 823 Balinese village, 1991, by Arie Smit, mixed media on paper pasted on cardboard with the dimensions 26 by 38 cm, has an estimated value between Rp 55-75 million, and the image on the cover of the digital catalog Lot 828 by the famous Indonesian painter , born in 1955 in Surabaya Arifien Nief, who cites some of his influences as the masters Picasso, Matisse and Affandi. from Arifen The flautist, 1993, the last lot for sale, is a 45 x 40 cm oil on canvas composition highlighted by distinct coloring and the distorted figure comes with an estimated price of Rp 38-48 million.

Potential buyers bidding over the phone, absent bidders or real-time internet bidders are advised to contact Larasati and inquire about the accuracy of the color reproduction of the images in the online catalog to ensure that what they want to buy can be realistically assessed. The absence of a reference to the condition of a lot in the catalog description does not imply that the lot is free from defects or imperfections, therefore work status reports, describing the current state of the paints and if it has repairs or overpainting, are available on request.

Provenance, historical data of the previous owner (s) of the work are also important and are provided. An informative guide including pre-auction, during auction, and after-auction details including trade terms, bidding process, payment, storage and insurance, and shipping of the artwork is also available. A purchase premium is payable by the buyer of each lot at the rate of 22% of the auction price of the lot.

The online catalog, along with a guide for potential buyers, is available to the public and should be carefully considered by anyone wishing to participate in this auction.

Note that to comply with the regulations on the COVID19 pandemic, there will be no “public” viewing days. The consultation will only be done online and Larasati will provide bidders with all information concerning the lots offered. However, it may be possible for bidders who have already registered for bids by phone or online as well as for those who have placed written / absent bids to see the works physically by appointment.

Larasati can only provide a limited number of slots for physical viewing, and this will be on a first come, first served basis. By appointment only, the “physical” visualization will not be available the day before the day of the auction and the day of the auction.

Live auctions in this sale are available by phone or online at (kes)

  • Website:
  • Preview of the online virtual exhibition: July 16 to 25
  • Live streaming online from Jakarta
  • The auction starts at 2:30 p.m. on July 25

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