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CARBONDALE – Art lovers will have the chance on Friday to support the SIU School of Art and Design and add valuable works of art to their collections.

The Art Over Easy Gala, which attracts hundreds of people each year, will feature a live, silent auction at 7 p.m. at the Glove Factory, with live music and ready meals from Cristaudos.

“We have great appetizers, very interesting desserts, and great wine and beer types for the value of going out and having an evening for $ 30 per person,” said Larry Weatherford, member of the advisory board. on art and design. “It’s a really good deal, and on top of that you get to view and buy some wonderful works of art.

The live auction creates fun and competitive auctions as colleagues and friends bid against each other for the artwork.

“People who bid are mostly seated people and everyone starts to stand up and wonder who is going to bid on what and how much is it going to fetch. It gets exciting,” Weatherford said.

Mark Kennedy serves as auctioneer, entertaining the crowd while calling the auction.

“Mark is a local auctioneer – a professional, a good joke-teller and he really adds color to the scene,” Weatherford said.

Art is donated by faculty, alumni and community members, with many pieces produced by local artists, helping to increase bids.

“They usually bring a fair enough price because people know these local artists,” Weatherford said.

Other opportunities to support the school at the gala include a silent auction and a one-time fundraiser, Crack the Egg.

Participants buy a plastic egg for $ 20 and inside the egg are rewards worth at least $ 25, some containing a prize worth $ 250.

“You know, when you put in your $ 20, you’ll not only get something back, but you’ll get something more than your $ 20,” Weatherford said. “So it’s a good investment.

The gala raised approximately $ 4,000 in 2004, the first year the event took place. Now that brings in $ 30,000 to $ 40,000 every year.

The money raised at the gala is channeled through the SIU Foundation to the School of Art and Design, with the funds being used to provide scholarships, travel or new equipment for the department.

“It’s a good social event. People of all ages are there – all the people in the community and the students. It’s just a really nice social event, ”Weatherford said.

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