MacGruber silent auction gives winner the chance to screen the series ahead

Ahead of the premiere of Peacock’s upcoming comedy series Mac Gruber, fans can bid on the first-ever screening of the series.

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Actor Will Forte and co-star Ryan Phillippe announced the plans on Instagram. The successful bidder will be able to take five friends to a screening of the first three episodes of Mac Gruber, who will also be assisted by Forte and Phillippe (winners must provide proof of vaccination or a negative COVID-19 test).

Along with the ultimate price of a screening, Forte has also promised him a few prizes, although some seem a bit nicer than others.

“By the way, if the auctioned item costs $ 15,000 (unlikely), you’ll be able to keep a page from the KFBR392 notebook of my choice,” the Forte Instagram caption read. “If it costs $ 30,000 (extremely unlikely), you can choose whatever page you like. If it costs $ 100,000 (no luck), I’ll take you to frozen yogurt twice a year for the rest of my life (the Fortes are known to live to 90).

Proceeds from the auction will go to Boys & Girls Clubs in Venice, California. Currently, the highest bid for the experience is set at $ 100,000, exceeding Forte’s huge expectations and paving the way for a huge donation to charity.

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Based on the popular Saturday Night Live skit with Forte, Mac Gruber tells the story of Special Ops Agent MacGruber MacGyver, who is typically tasked with finding ways out of seemingly impossible scenarios. The 2010 Mac Gruber the film was adapted from a Saturday Night Live parody sketch and was written by Forte, Solomon and Taccone (who also directed the parody). Along with Forte, the film also starred Kristen Wiig, Ryan Phillippe, Val Kilmer, Powers Boothe, and Maya Rudolph.

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