Nat’s Online Auction Deals of the Day!! BID NOW AND SAVE BIG! –

The online auction is full of fantastic items and huge savings!! Today we have great deals you won’t want to miss!

To name a few, here are my 3 picks of the day!

Pick #1 – The Air Fryer!! This nifty little machine has grown in popularity over the past couple of years and for good reason.
I live in an apartment that’s ridiculously hot most of the time, so having this kitchen gadget that means I rarely turn on my oven has been awesome.
And it cooks perfectly!

Check out the entire auction list, there are eight air fryers up for grabs worth $200 with a starting bid of only $80!!

Choice #2 – Alpine View Pet Spa – has the perfect gift for the puppy lover in your life, or maybe your brand new puppy with nail clippers for a year starting at just $48!

Gift certificates for puppy classes with a starting offer of just $75 and the perfect puppy basket filled with treats to wag the tails of your best friends; you don’t want to miss out on these huge savings!!


Pick #3 – Lydia’s Bespoke Couture, to complete the pickaxes today this new business in town located in Country Lane does a bit of everything. Lydia has over 40 years of experience and can modify your custom design to fit exactly what you are looking for. She can also take care of your upholstery needs, and as she says, she can handle anything that involves yarn! At 5’3, I can really appreciate that, because I get a lot of hemmed pants! Get your $50 gift certificate for as little as $20!!

tailor shop

There are so many more great deals to be had in this online auction: deals for Strathmore restaurants, huge savings on all your automotive needs, and if you’re looking for the perfect gift for the person who loves pampering in your life, we’ve got you covered there too!



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