Online auction to help a refugee family waiting to come to Newmarket

Abdul Hanif’s brother, who is waiting in India after fleeing Afghanistan with his family, hopes to take online courses that will help him find a job when he arrives here

As Abdul Hanif waits for his family to come to Newmarket after fleeing Afghanistan, he does everything he can to ensure they are ready for work when they arrive.

With the help of the Newmarket Together committee, Hanif’s brother Samiullah, who is in India with his wife and young children, hopes to take online courses from the Association of Certified Chartered Accountants. The courses are recognized in Canada and could help Hanif’s brother find a job more quickly once he arrives in Canada.

“He would like to take courses that will help him find a job when he and his family arrive in Canada,” Hanif said. “It would make Samiullah more fit for the job when he arrives.

This is the final step in the process as the family waits for more information from the government. Hanif said Samiullah was going to the Canadian Embassy in India for biometrics and he also expects them to need medical checks soon. He doesn’t know what the schedule is at this point, but he said he hopes his family will be here by the end of the year.

In the meantime, Hanif said the classes will also serve as a good distraction from his brother’s current situation, which involves dealing with extremely hot temperatures, health issues and living with limited resources.

“Those are all things that will keep him positive and hopeful and also, you know, positively distracted from all this uncertainty that he has to go through,” he said.

Samiullah has a business background, having studied Commerce at Nangarhar University in Afghanistan, graduating in 2009, then went on to do a Masters in Business Administration at the University of Chandigarh in India, graduating in 2018 .

Having fled Afghanistan to India as a refugee, Samiullah and his family cannot work or study in India, but he hopes to take nine online courses, each costing around US$550.

Newmarket Together is planning fundraising to help cover the cost of these courses. An online auction will take place June 24-26 on the Newmarket Together Facebook page.

Jill Kellie, one of the committee members, said they had great prizes and auction items and services from a number of donors including The History Hound, SuperMoon Japanese Cheesecake, Of Rock and Chalk, Blooms Garden Market, etc. They are still accepting donations and you can contact Kellie at [email protected] to arrange pick up or drop off.

The committee also accepts donations in cash, by check and by electronic transfer. You can contact Kellie for more information and electronic transfers can be sent to [email protected] or [email protected]

“Newmarket has been really helpful, especially this group of very nice and kind people,” Hanif said. “To see that kind of care and compassion, I don’t know how to thank them.”

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