Plenty of valuables up for grabs at Miami Police Online Auction

MIAMI – If you are looking for a deal, the city of Miami is holding an auction.

Goods are from the Miami Police Department Property Room.

“Most of the items are items that have been evidence at some point,” officer Jonathan Green said.

Green says everything from shoes, electronics, clothes and even jewelry and cars will be auctioned off.

Much of the auctioned items were confiscated during police investigations and lived in the property room and are no longer needed.

The police department tries to return the items to the owners, especially if they are stolen goods, but they are not always successful.

Some are found objects. If we can’t find the owner from there, we’ll auction them off,” Green said.

Green says if you’re looking for a robbery, there have been high value items sold in the past.

Diamonds, we had them. We had diamonds on paper — they came from a store, I believe, and it was picked up. It was auctioned off a few years ago,” Green said.

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So where does the money go? It doesn’t go to the Miami Police Department, but it actually goes to the City of Miami General Fund.

The goods are auctioned on until Friday.

There is also a live auction at 10 a.m. on July 16 at 1290 NW 20th St. at the City of Miami Solid Waste Management Facility.

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