Restoration House raises $ 146,000 at January 6 gala, silent auction


The BRKC ministry recognized by the “15 and the Mahomies Foundation” for its work with child survivors of child trafficking

EDITOR’S NOTE: A previous version of this article, printed in the February 9 print edition of The Pathway, contained several errors, which have been corrected in the article below:
• The previous article said that 18 women live on the Restoration House farm. In fact, only six women currently live there, although the Maison de la Restauration is working to increase the number of residents to 18 in the long term.
• The previous article reported that Patrick Mahomes had personally contributed memorabilia to the Restoration House auction. This is a mistake. Neither Mahomes nor “The 15 and Mahomies Foundation” were involved in the Restoration House gala.
• The article reported that The 15 and Mahomies Foundation had donated $ 15,000 to the Restoration House Department for adult survivors of sex trafficking. This is a mistake. The funds were actually used to help a separate home for child survivors of sex trafficking, operated in partnership with the Missouri Baptist Children’s Home.

HARRISSONVILLE – The agricultural fields surrounding the old church and parsonage appear to be worlds different from the environment that most of the residents of Restoration House have managed to escape from. Six adult women live there as they leave the world of human sex trafficking.

Restoration House was founded by the Blue River-Kansas City Baptist Association (BRKC) seven years ago. The department was named the Restoration House of Greater Kansas City and has now become a separate nonprofit charity.

They have a quiet rural settlement in the farm fields outside the town of Harrisonville.

These women can live there while undergoing therapy and rebuilding their lives. Women do not like to be called “victims”, according to the management of the shelter.

“The Farm,” as the residents like to call it, is the former church of the First Baptist Church in East Lynn, which had closed and transferred ownership to the association. An old church building, gymnasium and presbytery have been renovated into several rooms and common living spaces for residents and staff of the center.

They also have livestock and products to raise. Chickens, as well as small goats, are raised and eggs are part of the food consumed by residents. Goat milk products will also be produced. A garden is planted every year, offering residents fresh produce.

They also have a workshop where they make products for sale such as coffee cups and other decorative items. These activities are part of the rehabilitation therapy survivors receive at the Restoration House.

Residents cook, grow food, tend livestock, receive trauma therapy, take fitness classes, study, work and make art as they recover from the trauma they have suffered. Hammer said the goal is to “restore them and empower them to have a new, independent life.”

Gala of the Maison de la Restauration, the silent auction brings in $ 146,000

The Restoration House was able to raise $ 146,000 to support this ministry at a virtual gala and silent auction held on January 30th. Restoration House President Rodney Hammer, who is also the BRKC’s Executive Director of Missions, said he was especially grateful for Kansas City Chiefs memorabilia donated for the auction. A signed and framed Mahomes jersey fetched $ 5,250 at the auction.

At the annual gala and silent auction, held virtually this year, attendees were able to hear from some of the facility’s residents.

An anonymous woman said: “Growing up in the city center, I come from a predominantly atheist family. “

She added, “I never knew who God was. I grew up in foster homes. I never knew who my father was. I went to live with my grandmother. Then I ran away and ran with gangs in South Central Los Angeles. I was drawn into a situation where I ended up being a victim of human trafficking. My gang sold me to my trafficker.

She continued, “I met women on the street and they prayed for me. They gave me a Bible and a CD with Christian songs. She said she discovered that “all I was looking for was Jesus Christ.”

One night, her trafficker was beating her and tried to drown her in the tub. But he threw it down and left. She picked up the Bible that these ladies had given her. She knew where a gun was hidden and she thought about killing her trafficker. But instead, she read the Bible and decided to run away. She ran away from the house and said, “I forgave her. She searched the streets for the ladies and got help to escape the trap she was in. “They saved me,” she said.

She thanked the donors at the gala and said she was now in a safe environment. She said: “One day I hope I can help save the girls from this way of life.”

15 and the Mahomies Foundation recognizes Restoration House

The Restoration House also has a juvenile home run in partnership with the Missouri Baptist Children’s Home, where children and adolescents who have been rescued from trafficking are cared for.

As a result, the 15 and Mahomies Foundation recognized Restoration House last December, providing a grant of $ 15,000 for the ministry’s work with these children and youth.

“We recognize Restoration House KC for the incredible services and resources they provide to survivors of human trafficking,” the foundation wrote on its Facebook page, December 22, 2020. “They are one of 15 organizations. Greater Kansas City area charities receive a grant of 15 and the Mahomies Foundation through our signature program, 15 for 15.

“This annual program supports 15 youth initiatives that focus on education, the arts, athletics, children with disabilities, after-school programs, social justice and more.

Hammer thanked those who contributed to the fundraising effort, and he invited anyone with questions to get in touch with their staff by visiting their website,, or liking and following their Facebook page.


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