Silent auction fundraiser for downed Posey Co. deputy on duty

You probably know the story because it was making headlines in all tri-states at the time it happened. But, in case you don’t, Posey County Sheriff’s Deputy Brian Hicks was injured in the line of duty while making a welfare check to New Harmony at the home. of former New Harmony Town Marshal and Reserve Assistant Paul Wiltshire on September 18. As Deputy Hicks and the current New Harmony Town Marshall approached the house, Wiltshire began shooting the two. Hicks suffered a head injury and was rushed to Deaconess Hospital where he underwent emergency brain surgery. While his prognosis is in the right direction, he still has a long way to go to recover, according to the Posey County FOP.

To help MP Hicks and his family deal with the expenses that have accrued while he recovers, the FOP has set up a silent auction that will run from Sunday October 11 through Tuesday October 19. The auction will be hosted on the Curran-Miller Auction / Realty website and feature over 140 items for you to bid on, donated by local businesses and individuals.

All money raised from the auction will go directly to Deputy Hicks and his family.

Other fundraising options

This is not the Posey County FOP’s first effort to raise funds for MP Hicks. A few days after his injury, a fund for the public was created. You can always donate to this fund through Venmo (@POCOFOP), or by sending a check directly to Lodge 133 at the following address:

Posey County FOP Pavilion 133
P.O. Box 611
Mont Vernon, IN 47620

Donations are also accepted at all Evansville Teachers Credit Union locations. Just let them know that the donation is going to the Posey County PFO on behalf of Deputy Hicks.

[Source: Posey County FOP on Facebook]

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