The Costa Rica Canada Foundation extends credit to all corners of the country

  • Hojancha is one of the Foundation’s strategic partners.
  • They offer mortgage solutions for housing, buying land, building, repairs, consolidating debt, starting a small business, or even buying a car.

The Costa Rica Canada Foundation extends its credit facilities to all regions of the country through its strategic partners located in Puriscal, Acosta, Pérez Zaledón, Oremuno de Cartago, San Carlos, Hojancha in Guanacaste; In Jicaral, Puntarenas and Sarapiqui.

Mauricio Alvarado, commercial director of the foundation, explained that people living outside the greater metropolitan area can visit the windows of these strategic partners to access their services without having to travel to San Jose.

These organizations offer everything from mortgage solutions to personal mortgages for housing, construction, purchase, renovation or home improvement. They also provide financing to consolidate debts, promote a business, buy a car, cover education, health or vacation expenses.

“Strategic partners are social organizations that promote global action at the local level, research and create initiatives and resources for the development and well-being of their partners in the areas of housing; health, education, recreation and moral, cultural and spiritual It seeks to improve the quality of life of people living in the community in which it operates,” said Alvarado.

So far this year alone, the partners have transformed more than 367 million settlements into credits and about 1,118 million settlements into bonds, which shows the importance of these windows in rural areas.

strategic partner

In San Jose, in addition to the headquarters of the Costa Rica Canada Foundation located in San Pedro de Montes de Oca, those interested can visit Santiago, Esoproia, Coupépuriscal located in Acosta and UNCOSUR in Pérez Xaledón.

ADICO is located in Oreamuno de Cartago and COOPEANDE 7 in Aguas Zarcas de San Carlos; In Hojancha they work with Cristian Without Borders, CAC Jicaral in Puntarenas and Coupetrain in Heredia. (see box)

Access to rural or vulnerable areas

There are 551,274 occupied houses in the rural area of ​​the country. Of these, 187,848 are in good condition and 52,365 are in poor condition, many without sanitation services, drinking water supply pipes or basic services.[1]

“These conditions could improve if the occupants knew our products, but especially thanks to the extent of our facilities. We give a personalized treatment and in many credit cases we apply a pre-analysis to first know the financial situation of the clients, which speeds up the process,” explained Alvarado.

The commercial director of the Costa Rica Canada Foundation said that the credits are not only focused on the housing sector (to acquire, house, expand or improve a lot), but also to provide facilities to a family when they have need funding for their studies. Goes. Children at university, or if a young person wishes to enter higher education.

Likewise, if they need to buy a vehicle, pay for medical care or integrate loans into a single credit to improve the family economy. All of these options are open to the rural population only through the windows of the Costa Rica Canada Foundation’s strategic partners.

“Those interested should go to these counters and take advantage of the conditions, since the foundation works directly with these partners without intermediaries,” Alvarado stressed.

If you would like to learn more about these credit opportunities and the benefits offered by the Costa Rica Canada Foundation, you can call 2207-8400 or 2280-6922.

strategic partner




To know


Saint Joseph




25 South of the southwest corner of the Old Catholic Church.

Number: 2416 6071

Facebook: coupuriscal RL



Towards the Catholic Church of San Ignacio de Acosta

Number: 2410-3329

WhatsApp: 8462-4207


perez zeldon

San Isidro del General, 200 meters north of the Pani offices

Number: 2770 2822

Facebook: Ankosur




North side of Cypress Sports Square

Number: 2536 6048

Facebook: Cipresses, Oremuno, Cartago Integral Development Association.


Cooperation 7

St. Charles

Agua Xarcas, on the west side of Sports Square.

Number: 2474 4057

WhatsApp: 8777 4057

Facebook: Cut 7


Christians Without Borders


From CCSS 225 Ex, CEMPRODECA workshops.

Number: 2659-8026

WhatsApp: 6302-9665

Facebook: providevinda hojancha




Two-storey building in front of the Jikral school.

Number: 2650 0408

Facebook: Headquarters of the Cantonal Agricultural Center of Puntarenas Jicaral




La Victoria, next to La Victoria Community Hall, second floor.

Number: 2764-0208

WhatsApp: 6090-5870

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