Top 3D printing companies launch silent auction for Ukraine

Over the past few weeks, the world has watched in horror as the devastation is occurring in Ukraine as a result of the ongoing conflict with Russia. There have been thousands of dead and injured with at least $600 billion in property damage and sadly it doesn’t look like that will stop anytime soon. As a result, people all over the world have banded together to offer help wherever they can and of course the 3D printing community is certainly no exception. And now, just in time for Rapid+ TCT 2022, there is yet another effort to help Ukrainians. The Together We Are Strong initiative will hold a silent auction to raise funds to go directly to Ukraine.

Similar to the response to the COVID-19 crisis, since the start of the invasion, members of the 3D printing community have been working to help the people of Ukraine in their struggle. This took many forms, including sending 3D printing tourniquets, stopping work with Russian clients, and more. Indeed, almost immediately after the Russian invasion, the Together We Are Strong initiative was founded by some of the leading 3D printing companies. The silent auction is their latest effort to help support the warning-torn nation and is led by Nexa3D, EOS, BigRep, Wohlers Associates, powered by ASTM International, SYGNIS, Digital University and 3YOURMIND. Sarah Goehrke, Senior Director, Strategic Communications and Ecosystems, Nexa3D; and Board Director and Head of DEI, Women in 3D Printing as well as one of the organizers of the auction, expanded”The global AM industry has shown incredible resilience and empathy in the face of the crisis. We have seen this exemplified by the crisis, particularly in recent years, first with the formation of consortia to respond to immediate medical needs in the face of a terrible pandemic, and again earlier this year in the face of deadly aggression. The Together We Are Strong community has grown rapidly, with exemplary leadership from some of the biggest names and companies in our industry.

Silent auction for Ukraine

A silent auction for Ukraine during RAPID+ TCT 2022

As the name suggests, a silent auction is a type of auction where, unlike most others, there is no auctioneer present. Instead, participants can view all items for sale and then bid silently and anonymously on a bid sheet. In this case, it will be hosted virtually on Allegro, with funds raised and distributed with the help of Digital University. The platform will go live on Monday, May 16, but bidding will open alongside RAPID+TCT 2022 on Tuesday, May 17 at 10 a.m. ET. It will close at 12 p.m. ET on Thursday, May 19. All proceeds will go directly to support either advanced manufacturing of parts needed now for medicine and aerospace, or educational workshops to train Ukrainian refugees in 3D printing technologies, both of which are an extension of projects already implemented in Ukraine.

Items available include five copies of the Wohlers 2022 report, a one-year license from 3YOURMIND, a unique 3D printed violin from EOS, and new printers from Nexa3D, among others. Speaking of the auction, Goehrke concluded, “Collected at incredible speed, these donated items and participating companies show the rapid movement and empathetic support that to me is synonymous with the best in additive manufacturing. Working with participating companies, other organizers and the NGO ensuring proper fundraising and distribution, I was blown away by the strength of the human spirit. It is humbling to lead this project, especially knowing that 100% of all funds raised will go directly to continue to expand the educational resources and opportunities available to Ukrainians. » You can find out more HERE or donate directly to the cause HERE.

The Nexa3D NXE 200 industrial 3D printer is one of the possible silent auction prizes, all proceeds will go to Ukraine (photo credits: Nexa3D)

Will you participate in this silent auction to support Ukraine? Have you seen other ways the 3D printing community has worked to help Ukraine? Let us know in a comment below or on our LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter pages! Don’t forget to sign up for our free weekly newsletter here, the latest 3D printing news straight to your inbox! You can also find all our videos on our YouTube channel.

*Cover photo credits: Suiren2022, CC BY-SA 4.0 via Wikimedia Commons

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