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Going virtual for the second year, the 13e The annual Art Lives Here auction will open at 6 p.m. on Saturday, September 25 and run through Saturday, October 2 with a final half-hour auction via a live Facebook broadcast event from 7:30 p.m. to 8 p.m. , broadcast from Historic Revolution Mill.

* New this year, buyers will have the opportunity to enjoy five days of in-person, socially-distanced gallery of all works, Monday September 27 through Friday October 1 from 3:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. in the 1250 Revolution Mill Gallery at 1250 Revolution Mill Drive in Greensboro.

There is a lot to see. Over 100 artists have created and donated nearly 200 works that will be exhibited. See the list of artist donors to date, below.

Art Lives Here offers FREE online access. Registration is required and registration access will open on Saturday, September 25 at 6 p.m. at

Art Lives Here is the flagship fundraiser supporting Hirsch Wellness Healing Arts programs for cancer patients, cancer survivors, caregivers and medical providers. All proceeds go to creativity and wellness programs, so they can be provided for free.

The folk art auction moved to an online format in 2020, due to the pandemic. Web-based tendering has overtaken previous years of face-to-face tendering.

In addition to the nearly 200 works donated, Art Lives Here 2021 will be auctioning “Out of the Vault” works. Out of the Vault will feature artwork donated by artwork owners.

The main sponsor of 2021 Art Lives Here is Ralph Lauren. The event also enjoys the generous support of many corporate and individual donors. For more sponsorship information and a list of current sponsors visit:

About The Art Lives Here fundraiser and the Hirsch Wellness Network

Art Lives Here has become a tradition of giving for many local and regional artists. Various works of arts and crafts are generously donated each year, ensuring that cancer patients, survivors and their caregivers can attend the Hirsch Wellness Healing Arts programs free of charge. Since March 2020, Hirsch programs have been offered via Zoom, where each month more than 25 workshops have been attended by more than 350 participants. One hundred percent of the proceeds from the Art Lives Here silent auction pay our instructors, provide quality art supplies, and support the operating expenses of the Hirsch staff.

Thirteen years ago, Hirsch Wellness Network was founded by Louise Grape to provide the emotional support needed by all those affected by cancer. Because of community involvement, we have! Since 2008, Hirsch has served over 13,000 participants in over 1,200 programs.

2021 Art lives here Donation from artists (to date)

Jeanne Aaroé

Susanne Boulanger

Deb Bartz

Judi Bastion

Christina becher

Catherine billingsley

Joyce L. Black

Melissa Blackburn

Lisa bledsoe

Mary beth boone

Christine brown

Gregg bryant

Keith buckner

Cathy Burnham

Michael kim burroughs

Maxine Campbell

Vito Ciccone

Sara cogswell

Andrena Stoddard Coleman

JP Cory

AJ Coutu

Alicia Creus

Bill crowder

Todd D’Andrea

Aiden dale

Carol DeSantis

Marianne DiNapoli

Mylet • Dave Dulaney

Emilie Edwards

Walter Fancourt

Linda Smith Champs

Nanny Foster

Antoine Fragola

Janet Furler

Alexandra gaal

Naomi galbreath

Kim goldstein

Terry hammond

Krystal Hart

Doug hill

Bonnie hitchcock

LT Hoisington

Hopper hopper

Betsey Horth

Dori Jalazo

Jeanne johnston

Doug’s key

Lori Key

Anna Lamb

Beth latte

Mavis liggett

Henri link

Molly lithgo

Jan Lukens

Lisa lundeen

Judi Magier

Guillaume Magnum

Tina Tuesdays

Tracey Marshall

Angela May

Judy McGinn

Jennie Meacham

Jacqueline Mehring

Judy Meyler

Carol moates

Renee molko

Don Morgan

Diane murray

Jennifer nichols

Bob nordbruch

Roy Nydorf

Owens Crystal

Michelle owens

Bob penley

Kathy phillips

Leanne Pizio

Rich Powell

Agnes Preston-Brame

Jean Pudlo

James quinn

Therese Rasco

Donnie Reynolds

Susan ridenour

Michele Rieder

Jim Rientjes

Jon rollins

Ron Royal

Kevin Rutan

Audrey sage

Janet Schaefer

Beatrice Schall

Phyllis sharpe

Helene A. Shaw

Diane shur

Lisa Skeen

Does the south

Molly stouten

Mary stowe

Jack Stratton

Joyce Lands

Carol thompson

Jim thompson

Rosser Tilley

Kathryn beam troxler

Jeanne H. Twilley

Stephen twilley

Nicole uzzell

Ashley Vanore

Robert wagner

Earl Wallace

Betty watson

Adele Wayman

Jeff wayman

Curry Wilkinson

Lori Willis

Tom woods

Karen Young


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