Seven Pieces of 8582 Pu-er Tea Cake in Thin Wrapping, Circa Late 1980s

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Quantity: One set of seven pieces

Weight: about 2437g

Era: late 1980s

Process: Raw tea

Tea Factory: Menghai Tea Factory

Warehousing: pure dry warehouse



(Exquisite tea, Indian grade tea charm) This lot is a tissue paper 8582 green cake from the late 1980s. It is stored in a pure dry warehouse and packaged in tissue paper. It is in good condition and is one of the most representative tea products. In 1985, the sales policy of Yunnan tea was changed from unified purchase and sales to a market open model. With its good relationship, Hong Kong Nantian Trading Company received an order from Menghai Tea Factory Qizi Tea, and the first batch of 8582 tea cakes was released. 8582 has become another very popular traditional green cake of Menghai Tea Factory after 7542. Once it was launched, it was deeply loved by tea merchants and tea drinkers in Hong Kong and Taiwan. The tea quality is excellent, the shape is round, thick and regular, the cake noodles are thick and firm, and the elasticity is moderate. The tea noodles are refined from third- to fourth-grade bud leaves and the inner tea is made from seventh- to eighth-grade leaves. It has a regular shape and the tea cake has a shiny and moist appearance, and is soft and smooth. After more than thirty years of aging and pure dry storage, it has been transformed into a rich flavor of Indian-grade tea, which can be called a fine product among mid-term teas.


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