Cultural Space



When the cultural center was first established, it aimed to build a cultural platform, especially to promote and popularize Chinese tea culture and enhance the public's understanding of the spirit of tea culture.


With nearly 10,000 square feet of multi-functional space, the Greeberg International Auction Center combines a tea house and an art exhibition hall, becoming a tea culture base for people in the tea and cultural circles to gather leisurely and happily. At the same time, it allows various groups to hold exhibitions, lectures, courses and other activities to jointly promote the development of Singapore's cultural undertakings.


The Greeberg International Auction Cultural Center has:


Conference Hall


The conference hall of the Greeberg International Auction Cultural Center is about 2,000 square feet and can accommodate about 120 people (seats). There are podiums, chairs, benches, and advanced 177" 32:9 TV screens and sound systems in the venue. The whole venue has smooth Wifi wireless Internet access, which can be used for a variety of activities.




*Basic facilities of the conference hall:


-About 2,000 square feet


-Can accommodate about 120 people (seats)


-Removable partitions merge into a public tea room of about 1,100 square feet


-Equipped with a podium


-Borders are equipped with hanging lines


-Equipped with a 177" 32:9 TV screen


-Equipped with a sound system and microphone


-Wifi wireless Internet access


Public tea room


There is a public tea room area in the Shigley Castle International Auction Center. The tea room is elegant and fresh with a classical charm. The tea room covers an area of ​​about 1,100 square feet and can be placed with multiple tea tables as needed. A full set of Pu'er tea sets are also provided, allowing tea lovers to brew tea on the spot and exchange tea.





*Basic facilities of the public tea room:

-About 1,100 square feet

-Equipped with a 49" TV

-Equipped with a sound system

-With a wash basin

-Wifi wireless Internet access


The showroom located outside the public tea room has multiple display cabinets with lockable protection. The showroom is large and can accommodate multiple long tables for display.





If you need to rent a showroom, please contact us for further negotiation.

The conference hall and public tea room are widely used and can hold large-scale activities such as lectures, auctions, tea parties, exhibitions, art exhibitions, etc. Groups are welcome to use the Greeburg International Auction Cultural Center to hold events. The Greeburg International Auction team strives to provide complete pre-coordination and layout suggestions, as well as sufficient on-site support. As a supporting organization, Greborg International Auction has a dedicated page to promote the event, allowing the event to gain more exposure opportunities.

The Greeburg International Auction Cultural Center is located in the core area of ​​Singapore, close to major shopping malls, with sufficient flow of people and convenient facilities. There are many hotels nearby for the convenience of foreign guests.

For more details, please call:

-Email: [email protected]