About Greeburg International Auction

Greeberg International Auctions is the new hotspot for online bidding on art, antiques and collectibles in Singapore.

"We aim to bring the best deals to our customers!"

Our products are carefully checked and selected by our experienced team of professionals.

Our goal is to bring customers quality collectibles through our newly established online platform to ensure a safe and enjoyable bidding experience.

We are experts in online auctions of second-hand authentic items and works of art. We are responsible for sourcing and clearing customer inventory efficiently and effectively.

Our items are physically displayed in-house during the auction for easy inspection and verification. We try to integrate the online bidding system, hoping to provide more convenience to all buyers.

And provide a wide range of antiques for you to choose from in our physical and online showrooms.

We ensure that our transactions are transparent and fair, and will work hard to eliminate any unfair practices. We may be small in size, but we offer many interesting lots that will definitely attract your attention. Come and bid!