Privacy policy

Data protection and privacy statement

We process your personal data when you visit our website (also referred to in this notice as "our online marketplace"). What data you share with us and how we use it depends on whether you are simply visiting our online product marketplace or whether you are accessing our online product marketplace as a buyer or seller. We are committed to treating your personal data with care and respect. This data protection declaration aims to explain to you how we process your data and why. You can also read about your rights under applicable data protection laws.

This data protection and privacy statement aims to provide transparency about our data protection practices and guidelines in a format that our users can browse, read and understand.

Our data protection guidelines

Be transparent

We want to make sure you understand what happens to your personal data whether you visit or use our online marketplace. If you still have questions about this, please feel free to contact us using the contact details below.

Things to note

You trust us to take good care of your personal data. Therefore, we use and share it with caution. Our security team continuously monitors any risks that may affect the security or integrity of our online commodities marketplace and internal databases. Our Trust and Security Operations team monitors other risks such as fraud.

stay relevant

In the course of our operations, we collect your personal data to help us understand how you use our online product marketplace and where we can make improvements more relevant to you, as our user. Nonetheless, we try not to collect more data than we need and delete it when it is no longer relevant to us.